Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Psalm 55:16

"As for me, I shall call upon God, And the LORD will save me." (NASB)


"As for me, I shall call upon (qara': cry out, call out, utter a loud sound, summon, invite, call for, commission) God, And the LORD will save (yasha`: deliver, help, preserve, salvation, avenging, defend, rescue, safe, victory, liberated, to give victory to) me."


As for me, I shall utter a loud cry and call out to God and He will deliver and give victory to me.


May this be the cry of the Body of Christ today! As for me, I absolutely will cry out to God and I know, without question, that He will bring me victory! The LORD that I serve is always the Victor. He is always the Overcomer. He is always the LORD of all! Today, take a few moments to know Your LORD. He is beautiful, lovely and mighty beyond description. Call out to Him with a loud voice. In Him alone place your trust today.

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