Thursday, March 5, 2009

Proverbs 14:15

“The naive believes everything, but the sensible man considers his steps.” (NASB)


“The naive (pethiy or pethiy: simple, foolish one) believes ('aman: assurance in, faithful to, trusts, supports) everything, but the sensible (`aruwm: prudent, crafty) man considers (biyn: perceives, understands, intelligent, discerns, attentive to, considers diligently)
his steps.”


The naive and foolish one places his assurance in and supports everything, but the sensible and prudent man discerns and diligently considers his steps.


We live in an era of Christianity where good equals godly, wealth equals blessing and popular equals worthy of following. In the midst of this, I say where are those who walk with spiritual discernment? Scores of Christians empty shelves of best-selling books, order the latest sermons from mega church pastors and follow the latest prophetic trends, but where is the discernment? Of course not all is bad and I believe that it is good to wisely gather information, but likewise, not all is good either. We must be wise and approach everything that we allow to form our opinions and beliefs to be truly of the LORD. To blindly assume that everything that has a “Christian” label is godly is just plain ignorantly naïve. May it not be so for the Body of Christ! Today, lay all that you give time and attention to beside the Word of God. Allow the Holy Spirit to filter all that you look into and consume. Today, consider your steps.

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Frank said...

But surely it is much easier to go by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil than the Tree of Life. Why on earth should the church be expected to change now. Our intellect and experience of the world will surely suffice for judging and running our Christian life, and also for judging a pastor's message.
God gave us a brain we should use it.