Friday, March 27, 2009

2 Samuel 22:35

“He trains my hands for battle, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.” (NASB)


“He trains (lamad: teaches, skillfully instructs) my hands for battle (milchamah: war, fighting), so that my arms (zerowa`: power, shoulder, might, strength) can bend (nachath: break, bring down) a bow of bronze.”


The LORD skillfully instructs my hands for battle, so that my strength can break a bow of bronze.


In this verse it stands out to me that the LORD is the trainer, if you will, but it is my hands that battle and my arms that that do the breaking of the bronze. We must realize that it is not about our greatness or our personal abilities, but it is we who do the action on His behalf. Few seem to see that they are in a battle that needs trained for. Would the LORD desire to train us for a war if one didn't even exist? So many Believers speak of feeling spiritually puny and ineffective in their walk. I believe it is because we’ve not understood that we need to be trained by our King. He is the skillful Instructor and we are His mighty army, here to carry out His plans and agendas. Today, will you be trained for battle by the King?

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Lillium said...

Upon reading this I remembered something said to me many years ago (whilst I was teaching fifth graders) - "If you go into that room everyday expecting a battle, your Enemy will surely provide you with one." We need always be "battle-ready" but living in the Rest. My intellect/soul was looking for battles and engaging in battles of which I had not been given order by my Commander in Chief. I would love to say I have ceased from this error - however, I still find myself too often "other-wise engaged".