Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Matthew 19:30

"But many who are first will be last; and the last, first." (NASB)


"But many who are first (protos: first in time, place, rank, influence, honor) will be last (eschatos: lowest, uttermost, last state, latter end, last in time or in place and temporal succession; last in rank and grade of worth); and the last, first."


Many who hold high influential places of honor will be brought to be the lowest and those who are already laid low and "last in line", will be exalted to the highest place.


You don't have to look very far to see opportunities to advance yourself in this world. Occupational positions, financial wealth, public fame, even positional Christianity within church walls - it is everywhere. Move up, be seen, be recognized! The thing is, this is not Kingdom mentality. It caters to the flesh and is opposition to the Kingdom of God. Today, seek out the lower position - be the one willing to be honored by God first and foremost. Humility is a hard trait to find these days - may it be found in us, the children of God.

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