Saturday, January 3, 2009

Psalm 66:2

“Sing the glory of His name; make His praise glorious.” (NASB)


“Sing the glory
(kabowd: honor, splendor, reputation) of His name; make (suwm: set up, appoint, give, ordain, establish) His praise (tehillah: adoration, thanksgiving, renown, glory, fame) glorious.”


Sing the honor, glory and splendor of His name; establish His renown and fame as glorious!


As an avid sports fan, I am often amazed at people’s over-the-top antics at sporting events. Arms raised, voices bellowing loud, fearless praise of their team - all while proudly sporting their teams colors. There is never any question who they’re cheering on. This always causes me to step back and parallel my praise for the LORD. Is it also as obvious who I am praising? Does my life display my thanksgiving and adoration of the Father? Do I fearlessly offer glorious praises to Him? Imagine a world where Believers really worshipped the LORD as He deserves – in all occasions! The power within this level of praise would surely outweigh the roar of a football stadium! Today, may we, His people, truly praise the LORD!

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