Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Psalm 112:7

“[The man who fears the LORD] will not fear evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.” (NASB)


“[The man who fears the LORD] will not fear evil (ra`: adversity, harm, displeasing, worse, sad, misery, distress, evil, injury, wrong) tidings (shemuw`ah: rumor, report, doctrine, news); His heart (leb: mind, understanding, will, inner part, resolution, determination) is steadfast (kuwn: prepared, established, readied, fixed, set, securely determined), trusting (batach: confident, bold, careless, hope, secure and safe) in the LORD.”


[The man who fears the LORD] will not fear reports of adversity or distressful news; His inner parts are steadfast, prepared and established, he is confident and bold, found secure and safe in the LORD.


Over the last ten days, troubling reports have seemingly been all about. Last week, my wife had to go to the doctor and received the usual good news/bad news scenario. She and I had to deliberately choose the report of the LORD. I’ve also experienced health issues from two different directions. Neither of which are either pleasant or easy to ignore. A choice had to be made. Do we fear and submit to the weakness of our flesh or do we remain steadfast, trusting in the LORD? We have, and we will continue to praise the LORD together in the midst of it all! We will read the Word over one another’s bodies and settle for nothing less than what God has promised! I encourage you to execute what you have been given in Jesus Christ. Fear not, remain steadfast and trust in Him above any and all evil reports!

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