Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Revelation 2:26

“He who overcomes, and he who keeps My deeds until the end, to Him I will give authority over the nations.” (NASB)


“He who overcomes (nikao: conquer, prevail, get the victory, victorious over all His foes), and he who keeps (tereo: reserve, observe, watch, preserve, hold fast to) My deeds (ergon: works, deeds, doings, labor, business) until the end (telos: uttermost, finally, ending), to Him I will give authority (exousia: power, right, liberty, jurisdiction, strength, leave or permission, the power of rule or government) over the nations.”


He who prevails and gets the victory as well as observes My business until the uttermost end, to Him I will give the power and jurisdiction over the nations.


Now here is a loaded verse that is seldom ever discussed. With message after message of “escape” being blared to the Body, this stands in stark contrast. As a follower of Christ, you are to be an overcomer, not an escaper. When trials and tribulations come your way, do you run straight at them as the aggressor or do you back away and wield a rubber sword? Today, be an overcomer! Prevail! Get the victory! Be about your Father’s business and walk victorious today – you can do it!

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Anonymous said...

Do you KNOW how many people I hear say that "overcoming" means not having to go through or deal with something because of how close to God one is strong one is in the praying in tongues keeps you from having to go through anything bad because it makes one stronger in the Spirit.
That makes it all about ME.. and it's NOT.
I hate the way the Word gets twisted about. Guess that means I hate satan huh? And how he uses even the believer to deliver his twisted truths.

Thank you Joel..
I love how you always present