Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Matthew 7:7

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (NASB)


“Ask (aiteo: desire, beg, require, crave, call), and it will be given (didomi: granted, put, shown, made, delivered) to you; seek (zeteo: seek for, go about, desire, to seek in order to find, thinking, meditating, reasoning, to enquire into, strive after), and you will find (heurisko: to come upon, hit upon, to meet with, to find by enquiry, thought, examination, scrutiny, observation, to find out by practice and experience); knock (krouo: to knock: at the door), and it will be opened to you.”


Ask, require an answer and it will given to you; seek in order to find and you will come upon that which you seek; knock at the door and that door will be opened up for you.


You know, it is so odd to me how we complicate the Word so. This is such a simple metaphor that should be so easily taken as literal. In the natural, when you need something, you simply ask. Two things are necessary for the actions in this verse to work.

#1: You must see your need. #2: You must take action for your need to be met (ASK).
#1: You must see that you are lacking. #2: You must take action to find what you lack (SEEK).
#1: You are outside and need what it is inside #2: You must take action and make your presence known (KNOCK).

You see, your action causes His action. God will not make you do anything – it is His desire for you to willingly take the necessary action to seek Him for all that you are in need of. I believe this is why intimacy is so vital in our relationship with the Father. Today, don’t just ask “why’s” or just wonder - ask, seek, knock… He promises to give what you need, reveal what you’re looking for and open the door in which you need to walk through.

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Barb said...

Great blog brother! I think this is such a simple thing to see and understand yet it can be made so complicated. Thanks for writing and putting the truth out there and simply putting it as it is meant to be read. Gods word is absolute and isnt it amazing that even in this scripture we can see how he leaves us to our own will to decide to take action? It is never a forced relationship. Be Blessed and keep writing. I enjoyed the blog very much.