Friday, October 31, 2008

John 4:41

“Many more believed because of [Jesus’] word.” (NASB)


“Many more believed (pisteuo: commit unto, put trust within, to think to be true, to be persuaded of, place confidence in) because of [Jesus’] word (logos: saying, account, speech, uttered by a living voice).”


Many more put their trust and confidence in Jesus because of the words that He uttered and the account that He gave.


I know this is as simple as we can get, but there is great truth within this small verse. Just as in the days when Jesus, walked upon this earth in bodily form, His Word brings life. Since we know that He is the Word, the Word has never changed. Therefore, the Word on our lips will cause “many more to believe”. I challenge you this morning – how many people have believed because of the Word that proceeds from your mouth? Now I’m not sending you on a mission to evangelize the world, but who we are should be exhibiting the Word to those around us. Take a few minutes and look into this today – what account is your living voice giving?

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