Saturday, October 18, 2008

Luke 9:27

“I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.” (NASB)


“I tell you the truth, some who are standing (histemi: set, established, placed) here will not taste (geuomai: eat, partake of, experience) death (thanatos: death of the body, separation of the soul and the body by which the life on earth is ended; in the widest sense, death comprising all the miseries arising from sin, as well physical death as the loss of a life consecrated to God and blessed in Him on earth) before they see the kingdom (basileia: The LORD’s kingdom, royal power, kingship, dominion, rule; the royal power of Jesus Christ as the triumphant Messiah) of God.”


I tell you the truth, some who are standing here, established upon the earth, will not experience and partake of death before they see My power and dominion in the Kingdom of God.


I believe that this verse could be interpreted several ways. But with that in mind, one thing is for certain - it is imperative to know what kingdom you are living for. Do you know that Jesus always referred to a kingdom not seen with physical eyes – a kingdom that is here and now? I challenge you this morning to seek the LORD for unveiled eyes. His Kingdom will never be beheld with carnal vision that is rooted in the flesh. Today, rise above your earthly mindset and live for a Kingdom where Christ is King and all boundaries and limitations no longer hold you down.

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