Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Psalm 102:19

“For He looked down from His holy height; from heaven the LORD gazed upon the earth.” (NASB)


“For He looked down (shaqaph: look out, look forth, overlook, lean over and look) from His holy height (marowm: high, above, highest places, dignity, lofty, elevated place); from heaven the LORD gazed (nabat: look, behold, consider, regard, see) upon the earth.”


For He leaned over and looked down from His holy elevated place; from heaven the LORD gazed upon the earth.


Once again astronomers have discovered new galaxies that are incomprehensibly distant from earth. I personally believe that there is literally no end to the cosmos. I believe that it is likely as God Himself, without boundaries altogether. Yet in the midst of this vast galactic existence, God Himself, the Creator of it all peers down from His dwelling in Heaven and sees you and me. How incredible. Do you ever stop and ponder the vastness that is our God? Do you see Him seated on His throne above all galaxies and heavens? Incredibly, most of all to me, is that He also chooses to reside within me. This same bigger than life God is within me. Today, take the time to know this awesome God. It is all about Him.

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