Thursday, July 17, 2008

Matthew 11:30

“For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." (NASB)


For My yoke (zugos: to join; Christ's commands must be submitted to, though easier to be kept) is easy (chrestos: kindly, better, goodness, gracious, useful, manageable, mild, pleasant (as opposed to harsh, hard, bitter) and My burden (phortion: load, burdensome rites, obligations Christ lays upon his followers) is light (elaphros: light in weight, quick, agile)."


Joining with Jesus is useful and more manageable, for the obligations that He places on you, His follower, are light and fashioned to be easy to move about in.


A good friend once pointed out to me the simple fact that Jesus didn’t say that there would be no yoke and no burden – it’s just that His is easy and light. We can be “tied to” the world, dragged here and there in burdensome bondage, or we can be yoked with Christ – One who desires to move us into eternal matters where He can help bear our burdens. Today, choose to put your spiritual head through the yoke of Jesus Christ. Submit to His leading for He knows the best path for you to take.

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