Monday, August 18, 2008

Psalm 119:140

“Your Word is very pure, Therefore Your servant loves it.” (NASB)


“Your Word ('imrah: speech, commandment, utterance; word of God, the Torah) is very (me`od: greatly, exceedingly, mightily) pure (tsaraph: tried, refined, purged, tested and proved true), Therefore Your servant (`ebed: bondservant, slave, subject, worshipper) loves ('ahab: friends with, beloved, like, human appetite for objects, human love for or to God) it.”


You Word oh God is exceedingly pure, tested and found true, Therefore I, Your bondservant, a worshipper of You, love and crave It.


On a weekly basis, I see Bibles laying in seats of floorboards of cars, sitting amongst the trash and dirt. On the flipside, we’ve all seen the “Holy Bible” that seemingly decorates many a book shelf in homes, yet is seldom, if ever opened and explored. If you have an ongoing love for His Word, praise God! If you don’t, make time today to crack the pages and ask Him to show you how alive His Word truly is. The Bible is not some mysterious book that only the learned and scholarly can understand. It is full of life, hope, purpose and commands of God that will literally awaken your soul. (Read all of Psalm 119 and see how much of it applies to how you feel - it is a great gauge to define where you stand.)

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