Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hebrews 6:3

“And this we will do, if God permits.” (NASB)


“And this (touto: that thing, this thing) we will do (poieo: make, bring forth, commit, cause, work, show, bear, fulfill), if God permits (epigraph: give leave, give liberty, give license, permits, allows).”


We will commit to, and do, this and that, if God allows.


I know this is as simple as it gets, but it stood out to me today. I urge you today to submit every “this and that” that you commit to - to first present it to the Lord. Not everything will He permit and allow for us to do. How many pitfalls and distractions would we have avoided in our lives if we had first asked God what He would permit us to do instead of blazing our own trail. So for today, and every day to follow, have this verse as an ongoing dialogue with God saying, “Lord, may I only be found doing what you would allow me to.”

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...this and that...
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