Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 Timothy 2:3

“Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.“ (NASB)


“Suffer hardship (kakopatheo: endure hardness, suffer trouble, endure affliction) with me, as a good (kalos: better, honest, excellent, eminent, choice, surpassing, precious, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable) soldier (stratiotes: of an army, a champion of a cause) of Christ Jesus.“


Suffer and endure affliction with me, as an excellent and admirable soldier in the army of Christ Jesus.

Have you ever walked up to another Believer and said, “Hey, why don’t you come and suffer affliction with me today!”? Likely not (they'd probably run away from you anyway). Often we have such a skewed view of what it means to be a Christian. Even within Christian communities, you’re bombarded with how to be a “nice person” or a “good witness” but are seldom, if ever, encouraged to endure affliction as an admirable soldier for Christ. Today, change how you see yourself. You are an Ambassador of Christ’s eternal Kingdom - now walk on and act like it.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh..this is where the rubber meets the road Joel..
to still present Jesus to thwe world ..while the world beats us up..and to do it with grace and beauty..and PEACE.

many blessings today..thank you for the Rhema!