Saturday, November 22, 2008

Acts 6:10

“But they were unable to cope with the wisdom and the Spirit with which [Stephen] was speaking.” (NASB)


“But they were unable to cope (anthistemi: resist, withstand, to set one's self against, oppose) with the wisdom (Sophia: broad and full of intelligence; the varied knowledge of things human and divine; skill and discretion in imparting Christian truth) and the Spirit with which [Stephen] was speaking (laleo: say, tell, talk, preach, utter).”


They were unable to resist or oppose the divine intelligence and the Spirit with which Stephen was speaking.


I’ve always been amazed at the account of Stephen. Oh what it would be like to sit down today and talk to him about his walk with the LORD. I would assume that he would encourage us to also seek after the knowledge of the divine things of God. He would tell us how walking in the Spirit was so radically against all else in his day. He would likely ask us if we are so enveloped with the Spirit that we are willing to lose our life because it will be hated and despised. (Read the account of his life – even though briefly referenced – it is incredible.) Today, forsake all else and cling tightly to Spirit matters. Seek out the wisdom of eternal things.

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Anonymous said...

I too find the small but POWERFUL portion of Scripture on Stephen to be mind stopping. To be so strong in your knowing of God, that no one can withstand what you are speaking. To have such focus to see into the heavenlies while being stoned and to forgive the ones stoning you. That's being united with the incredible God of Scripture. That's the relationship I deeply desire to embrace.