Saturday, September 13, 2008

Psalm 11:7


“For the LORD is righteous, He loves righteousness; The upright will behold His face.” (NASB)


“For the LORD is righteous (tsaddiyq: just, lawful, right, correct), He loves righteousness (tsedaqah: justice, right, righteous acts, truthfulness); The upright (yashar: right, righteous, straight, correct, pleasing, straightforward, fitting, proper) will behold (chazah: see, look, perceive) His face (paniym: before, presence, countenance, person).”


For the LORD is righteous and just, He loves justice and truthfulness. The straioght and righteous will look and see His countenance.


God alone is perfect and holy. All of His judgment and His acts are righteous. No matter what you see or hear in days to come, it is imperative that you establish now your absolute trust in Him. The Word states that the days are getting darker – you must be rooted in the Light in order to avoid distraction and lawlessness. Today, live upright before the Lord and expect to see His glorious face.

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