Saturday, December 29, 2012

James 5:8

“You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.” (NASB)


“You too be patient (makrothumeo: endure, not to lose heart, persevere patiently and bravely; to be longsuffering, slow to anger, slow to punish); strengthen (sterizo: establish, make stable, make firm) your hearts (kardia: the center and seat of spiritual life; seat of the thoughts, passions, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, endeavors), for the coming (parousia: arrival, advent; the future visible return from heaven of Jesus, to raise the dead, hold the last judgment, and set up formally and gloriously the kingdom of God) of the Lord is at hand (eggizo: draw nigh, be at hand, come near, approaching).”


Don’t lose heart! Patiently persevere and establish your purpose and motivations for the visible return of Jesus Christ is fast approaching!


I don’t know about everyone else but at times I wrestle with impatience and lack of unshakeable faith when it comes to Jesus’ return. I look at this world around me and I cannot imagine it being allowed by Father to go much further down the road of despair and destruction. So many are hurting, violence runs rampant and, as Scripture foretells, all has become a lawless mess. All of that being said, today I cling to this verse. I know, in my deepest recesses that my Father has it all in His hands and is well aware of the situation. My task is to not lose heart and to establish my innermost being in Him, no matter what my eyes may see. Are you found today doing likewise my friend? The coming of the Lord is surely at hand.   

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Anonymous said...

I am SO there with you. I look at the world and think this can't continue much longer - surely the Lord is fed up. Then I get weary in my life - tired of what appears at times to be a hamster in a wheel feel. Then I resort to dismal, "Even so Lord Jesus come." This is NOT the way we are to wait. I went to a meeting just before Christmas and the speaker had the intimate love we all desire to maintain. Her desire for Him to return was as one who was waiting for her betrothed. I know He longs to come to her as much as she yearns for Him. I have exerienced this and this is what I desire to be renewed - because IMHO this is how we are truly meant to wait - with joyous expectation.