Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Proverbs 1:20

“Wisdom shouts in the street, She lifts her voice in the square.” (NASB)


“Wisdom shouts (qara': calls, cries out, proclaims) in the street (hamah: roar, noise, disquieted, troubled, clamorous, concourse, mourning, tumultuous, commotion), She lifts her voice in the square.”


Wisdom calls out and proclaims in the noisy and troubled concourse, She lifts her voice in the square.


At this hour yesterday millions of people were shouting how proud they were to be Americans. Discussions of the great opportunity and blessing to be able to act as a nation (to choose a leader) were all over the airwaves. Many seemed filled with hope and excitement, “God is doing something new!” and “It’s time for a change!” many declared openly with confidence. Today though, a different echo is resounding like an ugly clamor rising from the earth. Despair, words of hopelessness and an all-out onslaught of fear. Why in the world are we who claim to be within the Body of Christ so fickle and wayward in our thinking!? The patterns of this world and kingdoms of men rise and fall. This is why it’s absolutely imperative to make your permanent dwelling in a land that cannot be shaken. In this land, there is only one throne and it is not offered up for any other to possess. So, amongst the “noisy and troubled discourse” of today, will you hear the voice of Wisdom crying out in the streets? What is She saying? Who will hear and most importantly, who will take the time to sit and listen? Will you?      

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