Saturday, November 3, 2012

Psalm 51:10

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” 


“Create (bara: shape, form, fashion) in me a clean (tahor: pure) heart (leb: mind, understanding), O God, and renew (chadash: repair, make a new) a steadfast (kuwn: right, fixed, established) spirit (ruwach: wind, breath, mind) within me (qereb: seat or faculty of thought and emotion).”


Form within me a clean and pure heart O God. Make new a right spirit deep in the innermost part of me, where all of my thoughts and emotions reside.


No matter how hard we all may try, attempting to create and fashion something within our own strengths and abilities usually only yields temporary results (at best). The necessity of this verse is often overshadowed by Christian programs, books and teachings on how to find happiness and purpose in your deepest, innermost being. We’re often told that if we just do this more and do that less then results will somehow come. The problem however is that what we must do first is overlooked. We need to be found going to the One who is Creator and beseech Him to do what we cannot. The same One who fashioned us physically out of dust desires to regenerate our innermost being, spiritually. Are you living a daily life of approaching the One who is in the business of regeneration? Do you grasp that until your mind and understanding are renewed, all other “fixes” are just rooted in feeble, limited attempts to band-aid the results of the deeper issue at hand? Today, find a quiet place and ask the Lord if He would do some creating and renewing today… in you.  

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