Saturday, January 5, 2013

Psalm 37:23

"The steps of a man are established by the LORDAnd He delights in his way." (NASB)

"The steps (mits`ad: goings) of a man are established (kuwn:  ordered, prepared, readied, provided; made firm) by the LORD, And He delights (chaphets: desire, pleased to do, takes pleasure) in his way."


The comings and goings of a man are prepared and provided by the LORD and God takes pleasure in his way.


You are not God’s pity project! The Creator of all things delights in you, the pinnacle of His Creation! So many times I come across Believers who view themselves so lowly and worthless that God must surely only love them because of their great depravity (pity love). I believe that this greatly cheapens what God has done, is doing and desires to do in and through men because their identity and purpose is distorted. In Christ, we become a new creation, seated in heavenly places beside Christ Himself. Of course there’s no debating that we’re still housed in temporal bodies of flesh, prone to sin but God’s love is not rooted in our need or desperation alone. He is a lover! He longs to lavish His love on us as a Father – genuine and unconditional, established in relational love, not in our need and wantonness.

Consider the vast scriptural metaphors of the Husband and Bride. The Husbandman doesn’t take the one he’s courting out to dinner (we’ll say allegorically), because she’s ugly, undesirable and no one else wants her. He desires her. He longs for her. He pursues her moved by His great love! Likewise is the love of our Pursuer! So today I ask you, do you see yourself as one worthy of such great love? Not in your own eyes of self-elevation, but in humility and purity of heart, see yourself as the Great Lover sees you! Today, rejoice for the unimaginable is true – the God of all Creation takes pleasure in you!

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Anonymous said...

Once again a wonderful reminder of God's love for me. Unending Love, so full, so pursuing. Thank you God from the depth of my heart and soul.