Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Exodus 17:15

 “Moses built an altar and named it Jehovahnissi (Translated, ‘The Lord is My Banner’)".


Moses built (banah: set up, established) an altar and named (qara’: called out, proclaimed aloud, commissioned) it Jehovahnissi(translated, ‘The Lord is My Banner’)".


Moses set up and established an altar and proclaimed aloud that “The Lord is my Banner!”


In an age where denominations, political parties, sects and isolated groups run rampant within the Body of Christ, how desperately do we need to hear this simple proclamation by Moses? The Body of Christ must understand that our banner (what we raise up and look to in order to identify ourselves) must be the Lord alone! Not where we attend religious gatherings or what class of people we choose to hang out with. Not what religious flavor we ascribe to or the latest faith movement that we embrace. Not our doctrinal stance on moral and national issues. Not our personal accomplishments and successes. First and foremost our banner, our absolute defining quality must be that we’re united in spirit with the Lord as our banner! All else should easily, without competition, fall well beneath the elevated banner that is Jehovahnissi! Arise Church and hoist the only banner you were called to raise!

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