Friday, August 12, 2011

1 John 4:8

The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love. (NASB)


The one who does not love (
agapao: beloved, to welcome, to love dearly) does not know (ginosko: perceive, understand, intimately acquainted with) God, for God is love (agape: love, charity, brotherly love, affection, benevolence).


The one who doesn’t love dearly doesn’t know or understand and has not become intimately acquainted with God, for He is perfect love, affection and charity.


A recently released poll of Americans informed us of who is the “most-hated person” in this frame of time in which we now live. Sadly, I see this mentality swirling about within the Body of Christ as She far too often shares the same views as the world. Few things bring me such despairing thoughts as hearing professing-Christians say how much they “hate” someone. Whether it’s a specific people group, a particular person who committed a horrible crime or whatever the case may be. The love of Christ has been lavished on me without measure and it alone compels me to love. There are no exclusions or people too “bad” to be deserving of this great love of my Father. None is more wretched or less deserving than I. I’m fully convinced, in light of Scripture, that those who feel compelled to boldly inform us whom they (and God of course) hate, have yet to experience the awesome, grace-fueled love of the Father. I challenge all today who consider themselves to know God, to address their “hatred” of any other and their casting of judgment upon those they see as lesser or more deserving of God’s wrath. God’s perfect love invites and accepts all – period. In Christ alone resides the hope of all of mankind.


Anonymous said...

Don't know who the poll found out to be the winner but it made me think of this image

A Peculiar Person said...

A powerful, challenging discussion, and absolutely a word in due season for ALL of us who carry the name of Jesus. Thank you


Joel Spencer said...

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