Monday, February 25, 2013

Exodus 17:15

 “Moses built an altar and named it ‘Jehovahnissi’ (Translated, ‘The Lord is My Banner’).


Moses built (banah: set up, established) an altar and named (qara’: called out, proclaimed aloud, commissioned) it ‘Jehovahnissi’ (translated, ‘The Lord is My Banner’).


Moses set up and established an altar and proclaimed aloud that “The Lord is my Banner!”


I’ve found myself meditating on this verse a lot lately as I continue to strive to lay down all things that compete for top spot in my life in Christ. As I thought about the significance of the Lord being my banner I had several visuals come to mind. First of all, what a banner is not is some tiny flag that you can wave effortlessly with one hand while multitasking with something else in the other. This kind of banner is of the all or nothing sort.

We all have banners that we carry. Some have many. We often see American banners, denominational banners, political party banners, personal accomplishment banners. We could of course go on for days with this. Allow me though to paint a vivid picture of how I see the Lord’s banner. First of all, let’s say its main component is a seven feet by seven feet piece of fabric. Across the material reads “JEHOVAH NISSI” in large block letters. The banner is attached to a solid wood pole that’s ten feet in length. Several conditions are necessary to hoist this banner up and cause it to flow in the air. First of all, you must grab it tightly with both hands. A firm grip and single-minded determination are a must to even be able to hoist it up into the air. You can hold nothing else in your hands and you must be focused on what you’re doing. Secondly, your arms must be extended high, raised to elevate the banner for all to see. Lastly, you must move! In order for the fabric to unfurl, you must be moving in order for the banner to wave and display the name of your covering. Standing still only causes it to fall vertical at your side. Move!

So what does your banner declare? Who or what does your daily life promote? If people who know you were asked to draw a banner over your picture stating what it is that you stand for the most what would it say? My hope and prayer is that the Body of Christ would willingly lay down all other banners and once again stand unified under JEHOVAH NISSI! May the Lord alone be Our banner! He is absolutely enough!

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