Thursday, February 21, 2013

Acts 13:52

"And the disciples were continually filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.” (NASB)


"And the disciples were continually filled (pleroo: complete, made full, abounding in, liberally supplied) with joy (chara: joyfulness, gladness) and with the Holy Spirit.”


The disciples were always found to be abounding with joy, gladness and the Holy Spirit. 


So many Christians get all worked up about how they can stay "unstained by the world" as James taught us. There are books and videos about how to abstain from sin and  be found faithful to God. Sermons, teachings, study guides abound on the topic of how to avoid depression and stop anxiety and worry. You know what though, with all of that aside, I'm thoroughly convinced that it has little to do with what I don't do but entirely to do with what I do. The disciples, although flawed and still in human flesh as you and I, primarily kept their eyes set on Jesus. They left behind all that they knew as existence to know this God-Man. They saw such value in Him that all else that they had previously known became  insignificant. After Jesus died, rose and ascended, they walked filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. Abounding joy! Overflowing with the Spirit of Holiness! Today, who or what is your source? Do you walk in joy and the Holy Spirit as those who went before us? May the Body of Christ shake off Her dust today and arise in fullness of joy and the Holy Spirit. 

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