Sunday, June 29, 2008

So what is "Rhema Word"?

Well, the blogosphere has just expanded a bit more today. It all started when I'd run across Scripture after Scripture full of truth and wisdom whenever I'd be studying for teaching-type articles. I'd repeatededy find so many verses, many that most of us have heard hundreds of times, that have been so misinterpreted throughout the years. When I'd look into them, time after time I'd say "Oh, so that's what that verse is saying!". We need to know what the Bible is really saying. I vowed a couple years ago to never again just take someone else's word for it and my understanding of the Word has never been the same because of it.

With that in mind, this blog will be simple - one verse every day, the original text detailed, a summary of what it is really saying to us and then a challenge to apply it to your own life. I'd encourage you to bookmark this site now and return daily. If you don't have a routine of seeking God's Word for yourself each day, then this is for you.

The verse in the logo says it all - just as we feed our physical man each day, we are to feed our spirit-man each day with the Word of God. The word "rhema" (pronounced hray'-mah) is Greek for utterance. A rhema is a verse or portion of Scripture that the Holy Spirit brings to our attention with application to a current situation or need for direction.

So, open your Bible, expect the Lord to speak... you might be surprised at what comes alive within you!


Amanda said...

This is good. My pastor talked about Rhema last Sunday. He talked about it being the Word that is sunk into your heart from reading/studying it over and over that comes out when you need it. i.e. in crisis. He said it's the Word you know you know you know. hehe We are on a series now about standing on the promises of God, and a sub series about what to do when all Hell breaks Loose. God Bless!

Joel Spencer said...

Thanks for checking out RW Amanda! The Word is alive - we just need to open it up, taste and see that it is good!